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If you are creating a new website or want a redesign for an old one, I will work closely with you, guiding you on a design path to meet all your business's expectations. Open and constructive communication with is very important to create a successful website that can help your business grow.

Website design document

Planning and creation of the web design document in which the best technical solutions and the structure to be given to the web project are established.

Graphic design and prototype of the website

Careful attention to detail and clean, website design must strictly follow the rules of responsive web design. Well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.

Web design and site development

Starting from the individual graphic elements included in the prototype and will use them to create the real site.

Testing and putting it online

All the elements will be tested, as well as the compatibility tests will be performed (display of the differences between the different web browsers), ensuring that your website is correctly displayed in the most recent versions of the browser and on the different devices.


At the end of the work it is essential to dedicate some time to the training (of the client's staff) who will take care of inserting new content on your site.

Final document

For more complex projects it can sometimes be useful to create a post-project document in which to insert some elements used for the design: colors used, definition of the architecture, passwords, elements that can be used if the web project grows. This document also helps to improve and increase visibility on the internet.

Responsive design

One of the last steps is the implementation with web marketing activities that help to give visibility to your web project (on social media, on search engines with an SEO campaign, Adwords campaigns, facebook marketing, etc.).

Dedicated support & maintenance

A constant and continuous renovation is essential for reasons of security and site compatibility with devices and software used by users. Maintenance operations can be periodic or occasional: when individual problems or new opportunities arise

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A 360 degree aproach for YOUR project


Strategy for branding.


Taking care of the "A to Z" of your web project.


Letting people know about you.


Custom website template. UI&UX research to get your money worth.


Writing text material and custom articles.


A mobile friendly website is a MUST.


Search engine optimisation and analytics on user behaviour.


Want to start selling online? I have your solution!

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We don't recycle websites. Every project is unique and has custom requirements. Here are 4 tires of projects:


  • Standard Informational Website
  • 5 Pages
  • Cookies & Privacy
  • Newsletter
  • Analitycs
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  • Dinamic + Informational
  • 5+ Pages
  • Newsletter
  • Analytics
  • Private Server
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  • CMS
  • 5+ Pages
  • Newsletter
  • Analytics
  • Dedicated Server
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  • Free Support
  • Newsletter
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited Pages
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If you are building a new website, your web designer should work closely with you, guiding you on a design path similar to this one. Open and constructive communication is very important in creating a successful website that will help your business grow.

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